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365 Family Plan - how do other family members download?

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  • 365 Family Plan - how do other family members download?

    Having signed up & downloaded, I tried looking for instructions for how other family members go about downloading their copies but there doesn't seem to be anything - even in the FAQs. Is it just a case of them setting up their own account and using the same license code or is it less obvious?



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    I have the same question - did you never get a reply?



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      In my case, i have shared my id & password (specific for acdsee) with my family. So, everybody can access to the account member and download the softwares.

      nb: do you have access to the 365 online storage (2 GB) or are we obliged to pay more ?


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        I bought ACDSee Family 365 and wanted to register, but failed. I got a failure message in putting in the licence code I got by mail as well as in my original installations and on other PCs.
        How does it go correctly to put in the licence codes. As far as I know it is the same code for alll programs. But why do I get a message the code isn't valid for that program (for all programs)?
        Could anybody tell me more about it? Thanks for your help, Best regards, Bobby


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          Hello Bobby,

          The code is used to activated your ACDSee 365 Family Plan, and it is not the product license code. Please follow the instructions in this KB article to activate, download, install and register the products (e.g ACDSee Pro 8, ACDSee 18, etc..) for the Family Plan

          If you have further question, please contact customer care team and let them know the order number of the purchase, so we can verify your code and your acdID account. Here is the page to the support email form:

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