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  • Paying with paypal

    I can't pay with paypal only creditcards why?

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    I checked I paid with paypal in the past, my 365account expired and I need to pay. If you don't offer a simple paying method than I have to switch to Dropbox which customer online-galeries are already superior on mobiles.


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      I'm using ACDSee for over 10years paid all the upgrades till Ultimate, I still like the software and think it's better and way faster than Lightroom but I will never ever understand why customer service is so extremely poor here. If I ever ditch ACDSee than it's the lack of customer service, the poor or none understanding of customer needs and not becaues of the software itself.


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        Hello eclaire

        I sorry for the inconvenience this has caused. I searched our online shopping database with your registered forum email address, I did notice that two of your recent orders on 9/10 and 9/11 were failed and cancelled. But so far we have not received your support tickets regarding this case.

        Can you let us know more details of what happened with those two failed orders, for example, any error messages during the transaction ? And have you encountered similar problems recently when you purchase online items with this PayPal express account ? To help us narrow the issue, is it also possible for you to make a one-time purchase with your credit card and see if then the transaction can go through ?

        I have extended your ACDSee 365 online storage for one month, so you can continue to use the storage service while we are investigating the issue. I will also send you email from our support system. You can reply to that email with private information such as order details, screenshot of the error message, etc..
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          I have tried to buy from the US site but here only credit card is offered, On the German site I can pay with paypal. I don't have a credit card but I'll see what will be after ACDsee Ultimate 9 is out.


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            I don't have a credit card nor paypal. I think it is really great, that I can pay with a simple bank transfer (in the German shop at least) and I hope, they never change this.