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  • ACDSee 365 features

    I currently have over 110 Categories and over 3500 pictures that are tagged with multiple Categories in ACDSee 14. I am looking for a way to share these photos with my family and keeping all of the Categories in place and allowing others to sort using the Categories that I created. Earlier this year, I signed up for the free trial of ACDSee 18 and ACDSee 365. I found 2 issues with ACDSee 365 that I was wondering if they have been fixed with the latest release.

    I was able to get get all of the Categories from ACDSee 14 to ACDSee 365 but on 365 I could only select 1 Category at a time. I was wondering if anyone uses the Categories on 365? Can you select multiple Categories at once now?

    Also, when I share my photos, the Categories I created are not available to the person that I shared the photos with. Are the Categories available now when sharing pictures with other people?

    I would love to signup for ACDSee 365 but I need these 2 features to make it worth it. Any information would be greatly appreciated!