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Sharing a complete folder tree

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  • Sharing a complete folder tree

    I've just started my trial of 365. I haven't been happy with a couple of other options I've tried (Amazon and Google) for sharing pics with family members.
    My first attempt was to upload a single branch of a folder hierarchy that I have created in Photo Studio Pro 2020. Upload to SeeDrive was successful. I did a Share via email of the top level folder. That all seems to work fine. But none of the sub folders are shared. I cannot find anything in the documentation or poking around in the software that would seem to enable the Share setting to apply to all sub folders. Implication seems to be that either I have to share each folder separate (not gonna happen) or I have to go through and select each photo individually and perhaps have to add them to the Share Basket? (also not gonna happen).

    I note that there is some language about Folders vs Albums in the documentation but that seemed to only apply to to Public folders which I am not using.

    Surely I'm missing something obvious or just haven't red enough yet. Can someone point me in the right direction please?

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    H DGallant,

    You can select all the images in those folders, put them to the image basket on the bottom of the page and then share them all.

    Unfortunately, this does take a bit work to go through each sub-folder, select all, and add to the image basket. The resulting album is also a flat list without the folder structure.

    It will be nice to have the option to include the sub-folders in the share images dialog. I will review this with the ACDSee product team, suggesting it as a feature enhancement item for future updates to the ACDSee 365.

    Hope this helps.

    ACD Customer Care Team


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      Thanks for confirming that I wasn't missing anything in that regard.
      365 seems to have this split personality between wanting to organize things as folders or albums, where an album is just a single public folder. I would be OK if 365 wanted to organize content as albums since that seems to be the more common paradigm. If 365 did that, then allowing Collections defined in Photo Studio to directly map to a 365 album would seem to be of obvious value. I'm still new to Photo Studio so perhaps there are even better options that I just haven't learned yet.

      Maybe it would be better to ask another how-to question in case there is just some other way to get at what I want. My desire is to be able to publish pretty much my entire collection (including as it expands) but only to family members or only those invite. With the current 365, it seems that I can only do that on a folder-by-folder basis. That's just not practical. The Image Basket method is also impractical since I lose any organizational abilities beyond the image metadata itself. Using albums/collections seems kind of a middle ground. Allowing 365 folders to inherit permissions from the parent folder might be a better option.

      I really want to to like 365 since it exposes all the various metadata that I can create with Photo Studio that can be used for sorting and organizing which no other option I've found will do. But the current model for publishing content does not appear that it will work for me. I'll have to think about other possible ways to possibly tag the photos that might mitigate my issues.


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        James - thanks for the comment. I just wanted point out that this may not be a 365-specific "issue" but rather part of the underlying publishing paradigm of Photo Studio. While I'm not using 365 (or SeeDrive), my attempts at FTP-ing my photos suggests that this can only be done at the image(s) level. More specifically, the "Send" menu item (where FTP/Flickr/SmugMug/etc is available) only shows up upon actual image selection, ie. it doesn't appear on album/folder selection. If I'm missing something, please correct me. To be clear, I really like the product and, like DGallant, it's the best one I've found to handle the way I'm categorizing my photos ... but I also believe it needs more work on the publishing side of things (regardless of target).

        DGallant - Any progress?