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  • Query on using 365

    I have just started a Trial of 365 and would like to check my understanding
    Best i can see at the moment is that all the cateloging, rating, collections etc i have spent 10 years doing to the 50,000 images i have are not able to be used by a person i share images with via ACDSee 365. They can if i give them my account details - but then they can edit all these.

    Am i missing some way this can be used?

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    I have played with the Trial again for the last few days on and off. I am disappointed to say that i will not be proceeding based on my current understanding how it works.

    At the Core is two key limitations
    1. In ability to expose ANY filtering or image searching to WEB users such that they can harness the categories, collections or keywords i have spent 10-20 years applying to images
    2. in ability to create Albums in the Desktop and have them reflected in the Web with out manually updating every time...

    I will add other disappointments/un-met desires if anyone asks

    I will be reverting to Google Photo's - now have to Pay - but $'s are comparable - maybe even more as i have to purchase another tool to "build/Sync" Albums from my ACDSee library into Google Photos.
    On the Upside once in Google Photos - you can drop an Album on a Map and see picture in locational context