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Metadata Exchange with ACDSee on Windows/Mac

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  • Metadata Exchange with ACDSee on Windows/Mac

    ACDSee Mobile is a great tool and I love using it when traveling. However back home I'm normally use ACDSee Ultimate on Windows and I had to learn that the metadata, e.g. how the picture was developed is not compatible and I can only edit the picture in ACDSee Ultimate rather than continue developing it.

    Wouldn't it be great if across all platforms ACDSee would ensure metadata exchange/compatibility?

    It would also be great if I already could start adding keywords and categorize my photos on the ACDSee Mobile and then integrate it into my database on ACDSee Ultimate (and synch the keywords and categories between Desktop and Mobile)!

    Since all these products come from the same company and carry the same name I would have hoped that these things were seamless ....