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  • Feedback on Gemstone

    I'll write this as I go. Being a long time user of ACDSee Pro / Ultimate (skipping some versions, I've been using it since version Pro 2), I've downloaded Gemstone with quite some excitement.

    After trying it for a few minutes, I think this should go back to beta.
    Reason number one: this kind of bugs (screenshot) should not happen. After using a tool (I think it was Dehaze), the 'cursor' remained on the screen, regardless of which application was in the foreground.
    Also: in the Layers pane, when clicking on the "Eye" icon for a layer, nothing really happens to the eye graphically. Only after the mouse cursor is moved away, the eye goes from hover state to the actual (active or inactive) state. Which means from the icon itself you can't see whether the tool is active or not, until you move the mouse away.
    Also: I have like no idea, what the yin-yang icon is doing there. And clicking it, doesn't seem to make anything? Plus, there is no tooltip to tell me what's all about?
    Neither does the gem / down arrow make any sense to me (again, no tooltip). Being quite an experienced user of ACDSee, some Photoshop, video programs like Davinci resolve (this actually looks like keyframe icon in Davinci).
    Also, it's a bit annoying when I select a tool under Adjustments and click on Layers, the last Adjustment pane (or whatever I should call it) stays open.
    Also: you might consider graying out / disabling / removing the Color and Quick Actions 'tabs' when Adjustment layer is selected as they cannot be used then. Gives a feeling of a function not being implemented.

    Moving on: When I click LightEQ(TM) icon, I expect to see my beloved tool from ACDSee, not Brighten and Darken sliders.

    Also: when using Eye dropper, the square with values really lags far behind. Having 8th gen I-7 with 16gb ram, I think it's not a computer speed issue (CPU usage was at 36%, memory at 54%, with Gemstone using around 25% / 600mb). I did however notice my external GPU lights blinking up while the square was moving (gpu was firing like once per second, not being on constantly).
    Similarly, there was quite a lag between me using Undo / Redo button and something actually happening. I saw some action in the navigator, but not in the main window. Then everything (several steps) happened all at once.

    The Fill Bucket acts quite unintuitivly: took me some time to realise it applies only to the selected Layer, but you can't really tell what's going to happen as the only visual cue of what you're doing is the small mask window in the Adjustment pane. I need to see what the tool sees. And there's no way to see it in the main window. At least I didn't find it. Actually when using Fill Bucket tool with Adjustment layer selected, I saw the effect on the mask only, but I didn't notice any change on the image itself. This part really needs to be polished out. Or, if the Paint bucket is not meant for adjustment layers, it should be disabled when it's not supposed to be used.

    Zooming. Could you please make * button to Fit, - to zoom out and + to zoom in? I'm kinna used to that from your other products. And the 100% button is again not very intuitive. Being next to actual zoom percent indicator. Looking almost the same. At least you could call it 1:1? Or make it more obvious it's a button (that goes for all three: Fit, Fill and 100% buttons. And I actually think you could drop Fill button altogether? That's more for printing photos on paper, not for photo editing). And I'm talking about the buttons on the bottom of the screen (I just only realised same buttons are also on the top of the screen, more visible)

    Also: what's with the Document menu? You do mean Image, Picture, Artboard, or something like that, right? Why on earth would you call it Document? That sounds soo bureaucratic. Very much not something to attract visual artists. Anyway: resizing either picture or canvas feels a bit slow. Oh, and in both cases: please put Original aspect ratio as default or lock the values together. It's meant to resize pictures, right?

    By the way: you have a great perspective tool/rotation tools in ACDSee. Why hiding a bad version of it under Filters? The one in ACDSee works great. I've taught hundreds of people about perspective in photography with it. It's a great tool. Gemstone deserves something like that.

    Bottom line: I actually came to webpage to see the upgrade prices for ACDSee Ultimate (still using 2019). It's a great tool I can use for like 99% of all my photo editing needs. And with just a bit more work on how the masking brushes and layers work, I'd probably never start Photoshop again. I understand Gemstone is a step in that direction, but it's not a mature program yet. I don't think I'm buying it just yet (I'm however prepared to do more testing if you reach to me).
    My suggestion would be to check instead the interesting way video compositing is implemented in the Fusion part of Davinci Resolve. I'd say nodes just might be the way to go to change ACDSee Ultimate into ACDSee Ultimate Ultimate.

    Please do take this as a positive feedback. I really love using ACDSee Ultimate and I respect your company very much. Gemstone however ... needs more polishing.

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    Moving on: When I click LightEQ(TM) icon, I expect to see my beloved tool from ACDSee, not Brighten and Darken sliders.
    Light EQ is identical in Gemstone to its implementation in any other ACDSee software:

    Click image for larger version  Name:	Light_EQ_Gemstone.jpg Views:	2 Size:	246.5 KB ID:	63703

    The "Quick Actions" version?

    Click image for larger version  Name:	Light_EQ_Gemstone_2.jpg Views:	2 Size:	218.2 KB ID:	63704

    Well the clue is in the name, I reckon. It's still technically Light EQ (it's somewhere in between the 1-Step and Basic options in the full dialogue), but the point is that the full version is available too if that's what you want.
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