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Rotating image in loop

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  • Rotating image in loop

    Hi. Trying to make an animation where I have one track that's under, and I want the pic rotate in a loop The other track is a text that is static, fixed.
    You can see the animation at in the upper left corner...

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    Hi EcuaDrive,

    Thank you for your feedback. In order to replicate a similar type of animation to that website:

    1. Add the picture you want to rotate to the Timeline
    2. Add the "Custom" Animation to the picture
    3. Set the start and end times of the Custom Animation
    4. Move the playhead to the last keyframe of the Animation
    5. Open the Properties pane
    6. Change the Z rotation as desired
    7. Click on the Animation arrow in the Timeline
    8. In the Properties pane, set the Animation Movement to "Linear"
    9. Add Text to the Timeline on a Track above the picture

    For more information on Animations, you may find the following link helpful:


    Dylan L.
    ACD Systems


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      Thanks Dylan... sorry for the late response from me. I'm following your instructions and seams to work but I having problem getting the picture rotate in the same speed from beginning to end of timeline... trile'n error now If it's possible can you please give me some settings that will work and so I can adjust the speed of the rotation?

      Think I got it.... you set the z rotation at 0 in the beginning and then move the marker to the end of the timeline a number that decides amount of rotations to this point. Then depending in what direction you want the pic to move you set a negative number for change direction...
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        Hi EcuaDrive,

        To make sure the speed is consistent throughout the entire animation, make sure that the Animation Movement is set to "Linear" in the Properties Pane. This can be done by:
        1) Selecting the animation in the Timeline
        2) Opening the Properties Pane
        3) In the Animation Movement dropdown, select "Linear"

        As per rotating the image, that is correct. The starting rotation should be set to 0 at the first keyframe and then a negative value at the final keyframe.

        It looks like the graphic on the website is spinning around once per second clockwise. To make a similar effect in Luxea:
        1) Determine how long you want the graphic to be present for. (For this example, I will choose 5 seconds, so I will set the graphic duration to 5 seconds)
        2) Add the Custom Animation to the graphic
        3) Stretch the animation on the clip so the first keyframe is at the beginning of the graphic, and the final keyframe is at the end of the graphic
        4) Set the Animation Movement to "Linear"
        5) Move the playhead to the final keyframe
        6) To rotate the graphic once per second clockwise, set the Z value to:
        Z value = (-360 degrees) x (how many seconds the graphic is)
        IE for my own example, (-360 degrees) x (5 seconds) = -1800

        This will in turn rotate the graphic once per second clockwise over a 5 second duration.


        Dylan L.
        ACD Systems