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Video eventually falls behind the audio track?

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  • Video eventually falls behind the audio track?

    I'm just a beginner user of this product and am trying to use it to pull together all of the cell phone videos from vacation. I've used the timeline to edit and stitch them all together and ithe audio & video are in sync when I play the timeline, but when I produce my video, it starts out ok, but the video eventually falls further & further behind the audio track if the total project is very long (mine is 55 minutes). I've seen some people talk about constant fps settings but have no idea how I would resolve that. Hopefully, this is a common problem that someone knows an easy answer for? I appreciate any help. Thanks!

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    Because your videos are from a smart phone, I suspect that the format they are in is probably VFR (varIable frame rate), and when you cut VFR videos in most non linear editors, including Luxea, maintaining sync between audio and video becomes problematic.

    The solution I use is fairly simple. I just batch process all of the original clips from the phone in the free utility "Handbrake" and convert them to CFR (constant frame rate) before editing in Luxea.

    this screen shot shows the VFR frame rate details from an iphone 11 video clip

    Click image for larger version

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      Perfect! Thanks for clarifying. I see that one of our cell phones uses VFR (I guess I'll change it to constant to avoid having to reprocess every time). I have Handbrake and can definitely do this now! Thanks again!