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Luxea 6 how to re-link files after rename of larger folder

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  • Luxea 6 how to re-link files after rename of larger folder

    I created a luxea .alpx file with 200 photos, named it "market place" and saved it to a folder named "august 21 projects", which is nested inside an all encompassing folder named "youtube vids 2021". Unfortunately if I rename one of the folders, then the luxea project within the folder loses all the links, and 200 photos must be re-linked one by one, while trying to recall the order of the photos, etc. In essence starting over and losing the whole project. Basically this means that I can't work on more than one project at a time, save it, then work on the other one. Because if I rename the top folder at the end of the month, or even end of the year, every single unfinished project has been made worthless.

    Please tell me that Luxea has a solution for users who have to frequently re-name the top folder.

    Luxea version

    By the way, all of the photos are within the same folder as the Luxea .alpx file, why can't it recognize files within the exact same folder?

    If Luxea/ACDSee will not permit renaming of folders, this means that I can NEVER create a backup on another drive, or save to dropbox, or any fileback measure, as Luxea will make me do every single step over again, import all media photos and files from scratch.

    Pretty bummed out here at the challenge of relinking 200 photos by hand, and never being able to back up my work to external drives, etc.
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    I don't have Luxea 6, I'm still using Luxea, but in that the answer is to Export your project as a "zipped project". (File->Export zipped project)
    That saves the entire project along with all the media files. That zip file can then be backed up to any drive, and at any stage you can then use File->Import->Zipped Project to work on it again

    Like you, I found that the hard way, and rather than trying to re-link multiple source files from a number of different locations, I chose to simply start again..


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      Thank you, the zip file works perfectly.
      I think they should put that in the Luxea manual before someone else like me has to spend hours recreating the wheel, re-linking photos. This is a BIG deal.
      They do mention zip files and sharing, but ACDsee should
      mention the loss of all links if ANY folder is renamed or moved to another drive. IE backed up.

      Thanks for answering! Now I both "save project", and "create zip", several times a day.....