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Massive output file size relative to input.

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  • Massive output file size relative to input.

    I was trying to make a video that is essentially a screen capture for 8 minutes. 1920x1080 resolution, no audio. I created the original file with Luxea Video Recorder and the file size ended up around 63 MB.

    In an effort make the file smaller, I imported the clip into Luxea, split the clip into several sections and then adjusted the clip rate to 5x on some of the sections so that the overall clip length was only 5 minutes. For the parts that were sped up, I also added a text overlay that said '5x' in the middle of the screen. These minor (in my mind) changes resulted in an output file of >250 MB.

    I feel like I am missing something very important here about what Luxea is actually doing. Can someone help me understand what is causing the output file to balloon in size like that? I checked the production settings and did what I could to reduce the size without sacrificing too much video quality but I couldn't find any way to get the file below (or even close to) the original file size. I really expected the size of the video to scale somewhat linearly with the length of the video.

    Thanks in advance for any feedback on this...I'm really stumped.

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    We were able to reproduce the scenario you are experiencing. Here’s an explanation of why this is happening:

    By default, the recorder quality is set to “Better” setting, which has a lower bitrate. You can see this in Tools > Options > Recorder > Recorder Settings. In Windows File Explorer, right-clicking on the recorded files and going to Properties > Details tab would show this info.

    Now when you edit this video and export it in the editor, the default settings are set to a higher bitrate. This is causing the file size to increase. You can change the bitrate from Produce and Share > Production Assistant > Settings > Quality.


    Shakil H.
    ACD Systems


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      Hi Shakil,

      That was with the quality parameter set to Normal. If I set it to Better, the file is >500 MB and Best is >600 MB.

      Chris P.

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        I found the issue...I didn't realize the bitrate is customizable (thought that the setting only changed based on the normal/better/best radio buttons). When I select 200 kbps, the filesize drops to just over 12 MB. The default for 'normal' is 8000 kbps (40x).

        And now that I re-read Shakil's response, he mentioned the bitrate setting as well, not just the quality setting.