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  • Technical Problem with the forum

    Sorry but we had a technical problem with the forum and had to reset the ACDSee Photo Studio for Mac channel. Therefore we needed to recreate the sub topics: Discussion, Feature Requests & Bug Reports and lost a few posts. Sorry about that and it was not intentional...


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    Hi mcosgrove,
    thanks for letting us know ...... and while I got your attention, and you are fixing the forum, are you aware of some issues I have had with the forum software for quite some time:
    1. When I post a message, any message, to any topic (mostly related to the ACDSee Beta for Mac), I see a small window telling me that "it is working"......and that window stays forever. I learned quite quickly that the post still works, but the only way I can see it is to go to some other window, and then go to my "recent posts". It used to be different. But now it is always stuck on the with the working window. I will create a picture of the window I am talking about and attach it to a second post.
    2. And this brings me to my second, much more irritating problem with the posting software: I have not been able to attach anything for quite some time. As most bugs I report have some pictures I would like to attach, this function is very useful. And months ago used to work. But now it does not anymore. What ever I try to attach comes back with a "invalid file" message, even though most of my pictures are JPG. So now I have to send a dropbox link to the picture I want to share: Here is such a link to show you the error message


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      Don't I look like a fool ........ this time, and for the first time in months, I actually managed to post a message and immediately saw it ...... Maybe your fixes included this problem


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        I just posted a Reply to someone's post, and oh behold, I got the error as described before in my point 1. So I don't feel so bad anymore ...... and NO, you obviously did not fix that issue. Here is the link to my picture which shows the problem