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    I've finally been forced to move off of Picasa, and am looking for an alternative way to organize my photos offline before uploading to Google Photos.
    I had been under the impression that Acdsee supported uploading to google photos, but I've installed the trial version of Acdsee Photo Studio for Mac and don't see anywhere that allows uploading.

    Perhaps what I was reading was someone using it to organize photos into folders, then using the Backup and Sync tool to upload the folder to Google Photos. If that's the only approach, is there a way to order the photos so they maintain that order when uploaded?


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    There are many posts all over the internet asking if it is possible to transfer a folder of photos on one's computer into a Google Photo's album. I would very much like this too. It appears to me that this is no longer possible. It used to work fairly well with the Picasa uploader - but that no longer works. Picasa was a great simple-to-use program with tremendous capabilities. Coincidentally, around the time Picasa was discontinued by Google was around when Google dropped their "Don't be Evil" slogan in favor of the "Do the right thing" for shareholders slogan.

    I use Google's Backup and Sync just as an emergency backup in case of catastrophic file loss. It is linked to Google Photos, but Google Photos is basically useless for me since there is no longer any decent support of albums. I'm hoping someday they will add this back - I've complained numerous times and requested this as a feature addition.

    On the plus side with Google Drive, if you upload a folder of photos/videos, they are displayed alphabetically by filename. In the folder, double click on the first photo and select show "details" - this would display the captions (IPTC Description field). Videos are displayed in sequence with the photos. (As I mention below, you can prepend the photo/video filename with a sequence number with ACDSee just for the purpose of having alphabetically sorted files match your intended album display sequence.) The missing feature with Google Drive/Google Photos is the ability to convert a Google Drive folder of photos/videos into a Google Photos album.

    After spending some time getting to know ACDSee, I've concluded that it is a suitable replacement for Picasa in my photo management (of course your needs may differ). I described my workflow in another thread - post number 8 - at this link:

    Facebook turned out to be a surprisingly decent photo display mechanism. You can upload directly into Facbook albums. (I don't use any ACDSee Facebook interface.) When uploading from a Windows 10 system, the photos can retain the alphabetical filename sequence. (That's why I use ACDSee rename with a template to prepend a sequence number to filenames so that I can preserve the order I sorted them to within ACDSee albums). Facebook also displays captions (IPTC description fields). Facebook does support videos (maybe only certain formats), but regardless to their filename, they are always placed at the end of your albums. As an annoyance, Facebook automatically creates a "Videos" album - which is always placed as the first album - and this contains all videos in all albums and elsewhere.There is a way that you can drag and drop the order of your other albums in Facebook. Facebook does have a rich set of album-sharing controls for public and "Friend" viewing.

    By the way, I only use Facebook for photo display - nothing else.
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      AdkMike, Your post in the other thread that you referenced was brilliant!
      I saw it when I was originally searching for alternatives to picasa, but only skimmed it as I as hoping for something a little more straight forward... but it has become apparent I'm not going to get that straight forward solution.

      Now that I've properly read your post, it was incredibly helpful.
      I never would have figured out the settings to make it display the caption, or find where you have to go to edit the caption. And especially wouldn't have figured out the crazy steps to use the sequence number in the notes to be able to rename the files based on the album order!!

      The main problem I have left if that I can't actually find a way to re-order the photos in an album in the first place.
      When I'm viewing an album, the "Custom Sort" option in the sort menu is disabled.
      It's also disabled when I'm viewing a folder, but in a folder I can click on a photo and drag it somewhere else, then the Custom Sort option automatically becomes enabled and checked.
      Whereas when I try dragging a photo in an album, the mouse pointer changes to include a little circle with a line through it, and nothing happens when I drop the file somewhere.

      Sounds like you're on Windows. I'm on a mac. I wonder if it's a bug or missing feature on mac?
      But just to be sure I am actually doing albums right... I think either there's a difference in terminology between windows and mac, or I am doing it wrong.
      You mention the Catalog Pane. I have a tab called "Organize" next to the "Properties" tab, which seems to correlate to what you're talking about. But under that I have Categories. And under that I have Albums, although the Albums thing there is just the name of a category (It was already there when I installed Acdsee, but I could actually delete it or rename it to something else... but have been adding my "albums" as sub-categories under it). So maybe I'm actually using categories not proper albums, and you can't re-order files in a category? See attached photo of what it looks like on mac.

      Given that Picasa 3 also has the ability to export files and rename them using numbers, I'd be awfully tempted to just continue muddling along with that given it is the easier interface to use, and although it doesn't allow me to upload to google photos anymore, my new alternative of acdsee doesn't either (I'll just be using acdsee to export and rename using numbers to then manually upload somewhere else). But Picasa 3 has had a bug for numerous years now that means I lose ordering at random times, so for years I've been having to organize and edit and upload to the albumn in small batches so when it does lose order, there's not much I have to re-order -- and doing an export to rename will require me to have to entire album completely finalized before I can do the export. It's all just so frustrating!


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        You are right - I am on Windows. And after looking at your screenshot I can see why my terminology may seem strange to you. I attached a screen shot of my workspace. In the main panel of my screenshot, are the photos in the album "2016m_MikesTrips". I can drag and drop the photos (and videos, if there were any) into any sequence. I agree your Organize tab probably correlates with my Catalog Pane. And Albums was a Category already present when I started ACDSee. And now my albums are sub-categpries under it - as my screenshot shows. But I can reorder photos in any of these albums by drag and drop.

        I sympathize with your frustration. Over time I plan to bring all my Picasa albums into ACDSee. I really enjoyed the simplicity of Picasa. My main fear is that someday, when a new version of Windows comes along, Picasa will just no longer work - and then I'd be forced to change at a time that is not convenient to me. So now I'm paying some money for a photo manager (and I think it's a reasonable amount) - I expect at least some support - which I use from time to time. I also expect that when a new version of Windows comes along, I may have to pay for an upgrade, but my photo database would remain usable.

        Hope this helps!



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          Seems like it's either a bug or missing feature in the Mac version.
          Someone from Acdsee supported contacted me to see how my trial was going. I mentioned I was still considering it, but was having trouble with sorting photos in albums. He replied asking for more details about my issue... haven't heard back yet, but will be interesting to see what he says.


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            Hello AndyF,

            I've reproduced the issue with regard to the custom sort in ACDSee Photo Studio for Mac 4.

            And I have reported this problem to the QA team, who has entered it into our Software tracking system. This will reviewed and investigated for inclusion in future upgrades. Sorry for the inconvenience this may have caused, and thanks for your patience.



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              Was going to send this as a private message to James, but seems he's not accepting private messages.
              So posting this to this really old thread in the hopes he, or someone else with any useful info, sees it.

              Hi James,

              Back in May of 2018, you commented on this thread that you were able to reproduce my issue where the Custom Sort option was disabled on the Mac version when viewing categories:

              I've just recently tried the latest version of ACDSee and still I'm still not able to do custom sort.
              I've been continuing to muddle along with Picasa, but have now upgraded MacOS to Catalina where Picasa no longer works. And now I absolutely must find an alternative.... and am giving ACDSee one last go before I continue my hunt for something else that works as I need it to. I imagine after all this time, it's probably unlikely that there is any intention to fix this issue on the Mac, but thought I'd check if you have any info on it just in case.



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                Hi AndyF,

                The custom sort feature is available in ACDSee for Mac 6, so you can drag-and-drop the image to a new position to form this "custom sort" order in ACDSee. The Custom Sort menu is greyed out until you re-arrange the pictures.

                Here is the screenshot

                Click image for larger version

Name:	customSort.PNG
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                So when you tried "custom sort" in the latest version - I assume it shall be ACDSee for Mac 6-, were you able to drag any image in a folder and then place it to a new location in that same folder ? What is your OSX version, e.g is it 10.15 ?


                ACD Customer Care
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                  Hi James,

                  Thanks for the reply.

                  Custom sort does work for me if I'm viewing photos in a folder (as it did back in ACDSee Photo Studio for Mac 4). It's when I categorize some photos and then click on the category to view all photos of that category (which I believe is how "albums" are done in ACDSee?) then I'm not able to use custom sort. If I click on a photo and try to drag it, the mouse cursor turns into circle with a line through it, below an arrow.

                  I'm on ACDSee version 6.2.1681
                  And macOS Catalina 10.15.3



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                    Hi Andy,

                    Thanks for the update. Indeed, the custom sort feature is not supported in the mac version of ACDSee when image files are organized by category. I will review this with the product team.

                    Sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused.



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                      Hi James,

                      Any news from the product team? Any chance it's on some sort of road map as I'm really hoping it might actually get fixed, otherwise I think I'm going to have to continue my search for an alternative photo manager.