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Why would I upgrade to version 5 when version 4 is a garbage fire?

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  • Why would I upgrade to version 5 when version 4 is a garbage fire?

    Version 4 of ACDSee Photo Studio for Mac is easily the slowest, buggiest, most still-feels-like-a-beta piece of software I have. I was impressed when owners of version 3 were offered a free upgrade to version 4, and was hopeful I'd see dramatic improvements in the product. That never happened, so I am shocked to see that version 5 was released and the upgrade cost is $60.

    I've been using ACDSee products since 1997 - over 20 years - and have never felt more let down by a product than ACDSee Photo Studio for Mac. It's the most incredibly slow, sluggish, crash-prone product I've ever used from this company. It might as well be called "The Beach Ball Edition" for all the issues it has with locking up. The other day it wouldn't start up no matter what I tried - the process wasn't running, but I couldn't use the app again until I rebooted my machine.

    Does anyone at the company actually use it? How can you justify the batch mode being single-threaded? I can jog around my block in the time it takes to do a single batch rename on 100 photos. It's ridiculous! And rather than getting version 4 to a place where it's actually usable, a paid upgrade is released? That is shocking and disappointing. It's speed of thumbnail rendering is embarrassing - apps like Picasa, released 15 years ago, render JPEG thumbnails 20x faster than your software. If you point it at a folder with a lot of large images, it just locks up for a full minute. Scrolling up and down in a folder of photos is like watching molasses move on my screen. What QA person is testing this and saying it's good enough to ship? What product manager is saying "this is good enough to ask our customers to pay for"?

    And, no, I'm not on some underpowered ten year old Mac: it's a 2015 5K iMac with a Core i7, 32 GB RAM, and a 512 GB SSD. And in all cases these photos are local to my SSD.

    I am sad to say that after over 20 years and countless software purchases, ACD Systems will not get another dollar from me. I have rooted for your success for years, but no more. Companies like Skylum are going to eat your lunch, and it's only because they care enough to put out a great product for their customers. You have a great brand, and a great legacy, but when you put out shoddy products there's only so long your customers are going to stick with you.

    Farewell ACD Systems.

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    Do what you like - nobody's holding a gun to your head; and let me speak on behalf of users everywhere when I tell you that we don't care...


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      Not everyone. Jason is a little harsh but true there are still big issues with the Mac version, speed is one of them. Of the similar apps out there on the plain, ACDMac is one of the slowest if not The slowest. Apple Photos is the speed leader by a mile. ACD Mac versions go back 7-8 years including a disastrous first 3-4 years where they realized it had to be rewritten from the ground up resulting in V4. So V4-5 are new to the game and it's going to take another 3-4 years for it to catch up if possible. I've used the Win version and it's a bit better, at least it's relatively complete but lacks the familiar Mac look and feel. What's troubling is the rumors that Apple will be changing to their own processor away from Intel and who knows what will happen to apps. They may have to be rewritten. I like the ACDMac approach not having to import into some catalog but until the ACD Mac version is fixed and whatever Apple rumors develop, I'm sticking with Apple Photos for all my serious work. Whatever capabilities are not built in, it smoothly connects to other apps, I like the ACD LightEq and use it often as well as half a dozen other apps as plug-ins. But above all I have Speed. Open Photos and wham, it's all there.
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