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Using ACDSee on both Mac and PC for the same pictures

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  • Using ACDSee on both Mac and PC for the same pictures

    Hi - I wonder if anyone else does similar. I have purchased ACDSee for Mac (v.5) which I use to view and manage photos at home. While I am away from home, I use ACDSee Professional on a laptop to sort, tag and add captions to the same photos; basically I want to use both PC and Mac versions interchangeably.
    I have found that the data I enter on the photos on a PC version of ACDSee cannot be recognised by the Mac and vice versa. I have added the option where the metadata is written to the files, rather than the database but they still seem not to recognise any information I have added.
    I have also found that IPTC data can be written to a HIEC file on the PC, but not the Mac. I am reluctant to start using ACDSee metadata options as I have so many historical files with data written to IPTC. Is there a workaround or should I just bite the bullet and convert completely to ACDSee Metadata.
    Many thanks all.

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    Hi Phil,

    Thanks for your feedback.

    For most filetypes, ACDSee Metadata written to file (aka "Embedded") by the PC version can be read by the Mac version.
    Specifically, this includes the following ACDSee Metadata: Rating, Label, Tag, Categories, Keywords, Caption, Date, Author, and Notes.

    The Mac version will automatically read most of the metadata simply by browsing the photo. However, by design, Tag, Categories, and Keywords are exceptions. To read this metadata, it's necessary to use the Catalog Folders tool (available in the Tools menu), with the option "Import ACDSee organizing information (categories, keywords, tagged)" enabled.

    As you have found, writing metadata to HEIC files, and reading ACDSee metadata embedded by PC from HEIC files, is not currently supported. I will review this issue with the product team.

    Best regards,


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      Thank-you David. That was really helpful.
      I did some testing, using a directory on Dropbox to pass files with tags/map locations/ratings etc. Once I altered a file, on the Mac, I used both the Catalog Folders and Embed database information options before checking the PC. I did the same vice-versa.
      What I found was that no alterations made to HIEC files were passed between the 2 versions, only to JPG files,
      Also, changes made on the Mac system to JPG files would not be recognised on the PC version, but change made on a PC to be read on the Mac worked. Unsurprisingly, if both programs were open at the same time, changes could not be read.
      Can you comment on whether there is a workaround, especially in getting the programs to recognise changes to HIEC files?
      Many thanks


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        Hi Phil,

        Thank you for your reply.

        Unfortunately, there's currently no workaround for sharing metadata between the two programs in the case of HEIC files.
        On the Mac, metadata written to a HEIC file is only written to the ACDSee Mac database. Due to unique aspects of the HEIC format, the metadata is not written to the file itself.
        Since the metadata does not exist at the file level, the metadata is not shared between the two programs.
        On the PC, one exception is ACDSee metadata. The PC version is able to write ACDSee metadata to an XMP sidecar file (via the Embed ACDSee Metadata commands in PC). However, as mentioned, the Mac version is not able to read this.

        We are currently investigating how we can better support metadata handling with HEIC files on the Mac (including reading, writing, and compatibility with PC).