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Is it possible to show all contents of sub folders in thumbnail view?

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  • Is it possible to show all contents of sub folders in thumbnail view?

    Hi - I'm new to ACDSee for Mac. While in thumbnail view is it possible to show the contents of all sub folders? It would be helpful to view all files in subfolders without drilling down through each. I've looked in preferences but found no setting. Clicking on the arrow to the left of each folder icon within the Folder Pane does not change the thumbnail views. Is there an import setting I am missing? Thanks.

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    Hi smashed, I listed that same question in my post of feature requests. Unfortunately, there is no setting or menu item to make that happen. David from ACD systems did offer a workaround: "As a workaround, note you can option-click the triangle beside a folder to recursively expand subfolders level-by-level. Then you could Shift-select all the folders."

    I agree, having the ability to view contents of sub folders easily would be very handy.

    - Jeff


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      That's very helpful - thanks Hertz.


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        You're welcome!


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          I've struggled with this as well, but just stumbled across something. If you control-click each subfolder in the folders pane, you will see all the thumbnails in one view. Not as good as an option, but pretty quick and easy.


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            On a Windows PC what is the equivalent of Option-click
            i have tried Control-Click, Alt-Click, Shift-Click, Start-Click and all combinations of these 4..
            also even resorted to reading the help for manage shortcuts

            Any help appreciated


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              I know this is an old topic, but in case anyone stumbles on it just like I did:
              On Windows, select a folder, then click Alt + * (the asterisk on the num pad). All subfolders should now expand. You still need to select all those folders manually (scroll to the last folder, then shift-click), but then, all images from all those folders are visible.

              Unfortunately, I don't know how to collapse the folders again, as this feature does not seem to be documented anywhere.