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ACDSee Photo Studio for Mac 6 now available

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  • ACDSee Photo Studio for Mac 6 now available


    ACDSee Photo Studio for Mac 6 is now available and can be downloaded here:

    Best regards,
    The ACDSee team

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    Thank you, ACDSee for Mac Team!!!

    I tried it out yesterday night as soon as it had become available online, and after a brief comparison with ACDSee Photo Studio for Mac 5 then rushed to buy the proposed upgrade: in appearance eerily similar to its previous iteration, I was quick to discover several neat subtle additions that can really boost usability, efficiency (iCloud file, Metadata saved 'drag & drop' searches, PDF peek, etc.), but WOW everything feels so FAST at last! I believe that this new engine also refreshes itself promptlier in the Manage module (!?) No crash to report either...

    This thread is not the place and time to request a little more for the near future (Auto White Balance EQ) (Layers) (Repair tools) (Creative filters) (Stats features), yet for all the goodness that it already has to offer I congratulate David and Team.

    Thanks for the timely literature too! [ ]

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      ... I bought Mac 5 last week. My license key seems not to work for this new version. Can you please help me?


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        Version '6.0' is an improved, albeit much faster '5.3' and especially in the Manage module. You won't lose much if you're using its (fantastic) Develop module mostly, with the exception perhaps of some future fixes and upgrades. I personnally liked '5.3' enough to get the better versions of the two for a reasonable upgrade fee, and if you already got a major discount two weeks ago on '5.3' (which was pretty cheap in the last few days, if I remember) it would maybe make sense to upgrade after a certain running-in period. As I have mentioned somewhere else, the additions aren't numerous nor revolutionary but can get quite handy DAM wise. And the speed ; )


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          I don't develop with it, all I need is the Manage module. A reasonable upgrade fee would be ok. But is there one?


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            From there [ ] you must sign in, so as to reach your acdID User Portal, then after clicking on My Apps you should end up seeing your ACDSee Photo Studio for Mac 5 purchase with a blue 'Download' button and a green 'Upgrade Now' button...


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              ... thanks. But no, there is no upgrade button. There is just my Version (ACDSee Photo Studio f?r Mac 5 Version: 5.0
              Erscheinungsdatum: 2019-01-3) my License key and a download button. It is the German site.
              I also had mailed to the support. But received no reply.


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                what's confusing is, that the german store links me to the international community, to here, though there also is a german forum, but this one will not let me register to ask for support there.


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                  Hi twotothree,

                  According to our record, you purchased the German version of ACDSee for Mac 5 on Nov 8. You cannot use that license code to register the ACDSee for Mac 6 English version, which is a different version.

                  ACDSee for Mac 6 German version is not available yet, so that is why you do not see the upgrade option in your acdID account to ACDSee for Mac 6 German.

                  I will send you a support ticket to your gmx email account, providing the upgrade options to the new version.

                  ACD Customer Care


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                    Is there a discounted upgrade to V6 for current users?


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                      This topic should be made sticky so that it will appear at the top of the listings, replacing the old announcement about version 5.


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                        Does it crash all the time like 5?