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  • Cannot get to develop Mod

    My database contains numerous folders which in turn contain my photos. When in manage or view when I try to go to develop I always
    go to the first file in the folder.
    How do I get to develop other photos in the same folder? Am I missing an option in preferences?
    I just updated from V4 to V6 and removed V4 from my computer.

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    Hi davidR,

    Thanks for your feedback. Two questions:

    1) How did you open ACDSee? Did you open the app (e.g. by clicking the app icon in the Dock or Launchpad or Finder, etc)? Or did you select a file (e.g. in Finder or any app) and then open that file with ACDSee?

    2) Did you select multiple thumbnails in Manage mode and then enter View mode? If so, can you reproduce this issue if you just select one thumbnail in Manage mode and then go to View or Develop mode?