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How to create a preset for "cinemascope"?

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  • How to create a preset for "cinemascope"?


    I just moved to ACDSee and do not see a standard preset for applying a "Cinemascope" look to my photographs.

    Previously, I was using Picasa and I really liked this view and used it quite frequently.

    I see that you can create custom presets in ACDSee and save them but unfortunately I have absolutely no idea how to create a preset that has the "cinemascope" attributes.

    Has anyone done this and can they provide any instructions/guidance on how to do it and what attributes to use please?

    Many thanks for your help in advance.



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    I assume you're referring to a crop to achieve a wide-screen look.

    In ACDSee Photo Studio 5 for Mac:

    1. In the upper right of the screen, select the Develop module
    2. In the upper left of the screen, select the Geometry tab
    3. The Crop section on the left contains a number of crop ratios. Select 16x9 and perform your crop.


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      Thanks OldRadioGuy... yep, that crops to 16x9 but you don't get the black background at the top and bottom that I used to get with the Picasa Cinemascope mode, and also with this mode in Picasa it also made some edits to the colors... See 2 attached piccies - any thoughts on how to achieve that effect please?

      Thank you...

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        This would be something easily achieved in a product that works with layers, ACDSee Photo Studio Ultimate 2020 (a Windows product), for example. I know of no way to do this in Studio 5 for Mac. Maybe in the next version?



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          OldRadioGuy... thanks... I just edited my response above to give a couple of examples of what I am looking to achieve... hoping this may give you some ideas on how I can achieve this effect?

          Thanks for your help.... much appreciated...


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            Anyone else have any ideas for how to create a custom cinemascope type preset please?

            Thank you in advance for any assistance...