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Syncing 2 Computers w/ OneDrive (or any cloud storage)?

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  • Riverboat2001
    I Agree, SCDsee really needs to look at creating a seamless experience between different PC's.

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  • nicholtl
    Thanks for the response, David.

    Similarly, my response from ACDSee support was as follows:


    "If you sync your onedrive photo to both of your Mac, you can then access and view those synced files in Finder and in ACDSee via the Folder pane.

    The new feature in Mac 6 is the ability to see the icloud drive in the folder pane though, but you shall be see the onedrive folder as long as your Finder can see that folder too. But you may need to install onedrive on Mac first and sync the files to the Mac

    If you assign ACDSee metadata (ACDSee keywords, catalogs ) to the images on one drive, and you want to see those metadata on the new machine, you will need to run the embed and catalog process to updated the ACDSee metadata information

    - In ACDSee, assign the ACDSee metadata to your images on OneDrive
    - Embed the database information to the files
    - Onedrive will sycn the files online and then propagate and sync the files again to the one drive files on another machine
    - On the 2nd computer, after One Drive sync, you can catalog the files to retrieve the ACDSee metadata information.

    Note, if you only use metadata for IPTC, such as Keywords, captions, etc. you do not need to embed and catalog the files as the IPTC information will be directly embedded to the files after your entering such metadata."


    So in other words, whenever there is a change to the ACDSee metadata on one computer, you will need to embed the information to the files, then on a different computer, re-catalog the files to bring it up-to-date. It's a shame, because this is unintuitive and makes it a real pain to keep everything synced, especially if you frequently switch to different computers in different locations.

    Easiest solution would still be to have the database on a removable/external volume, so you can plug and play into different machines as needed. Having to embed and catalog each and every time you switch to a new computer is tedious at best, and a total waste of time at worst.

    Perhaps in a future iteration of ACDSee, there will be a more seamless integration with OneDrive — or any cloud app for that matter — whereby the database can remain in the cloud and update as needed, regardless of which computer is accessing it. It’s perplexing to me that in this day and age of cloud computing, this is not a given with ACDSee.

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  • david@acd

    ACDSee does not support multiple clients connecting to the same database. And Mac and Windows ACDSee databases are not compatible with each other.


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  • yatyas
    Far as I can tell the only option you have (natively) for cloud storage is iCloud. It should show in the folder pane and as an option for opening or creating a database.
    Google drive doesn't show. Don't have OneDrive but I doubt it is supported.

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  • jkristia
    oh oh - I just posted a similar question. I want to use the same db between Windows and Mac. Hopefully someone can answer this

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  • Syncing 2 Computers w/ OneDrive (or any cloud storage)?

    Hi guys,

    So I have an iMac and a MacBook Pro, each running OS Catalina 10.15.1, each with a licensed copy of Photo Studio 6. I have all my photos and database files stored locally on my iMac, but would rather have my database stored in the cloud so that I can access and update my database via PS6 regardless of which computer I'm working from. This, as opposed to having it stored on an ejectable volume to plug into whichever computer I'm using at the time.

    Any thoughts on how this is done? This was the chief selling point I was given for how PS6 was different than PS5 -- the ability to share the same database from multiple computers remotely via Microsoft OneDrive. Problem is, I haven't figured out how to do this, and it's not mentioned anywhere in the digital manual.

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