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'There are no items in the selected folder'

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  • 'There are no items in the selected folder'

    Yes there are. I can see them in Finder and open them with image editing software.

    This happened after a problem with ACDSee wouldn't start and couldn't be force quitted.

    I downloaded the latest version (5.3.1401) and at least ACDSee will now start, but it can't see any of the files in folders. It can see folders to an arbitrary depth, but not the files within.

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    Anybody? I'm stuck until I can resolve this.


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      Hi stolzy,

      Thank you for your feedback. Does this issue happen with all folders or only certain folders?
      Is it possible there is a filter applied to the file list that is filtering out your files (for example, in the Filter dropdown or in Preferences > Manage > Filter).



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        I am having the same problem after upgrading to 6 for Mac: I get the "There are no items in the selected folder" when I try to browse the content of an SD card from either my Nikon or Panasonic cameras. I have to copy all the files to a folder on my hard drive using Finder before I can see the files. This glitch severely limits the usefulness of the program because I used to use browsing the card to select which photos I wanted to transfer to my computer.

        I tried your suggestion and toggled all the filter selection possibilities in Preferences, but it just changes the error message to say there are no files meeting the search criteria. Any help would be appreciated.


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          System Preferences -> Security & Privacy -> Privacy

          Left Pane: Files and Folders
          Right Pane: ACDSee Photo Studio, V Documents, V Downloads