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Default JPEG Quality -- Photo Studio 6 for Mac

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  • canadave
    I cannot see that this was addressed for Mac Photo Studio 7. I think it is unfortunate that every time you adjust a photo and then do a regular "save" you are degrading the image with JPEG compression each time. So we have to use the "save as" button and bump the quality up to 100. I notice that doing this increases the file size. How about just a preferences setting for default JPG quality?

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  • david@acd
    Hi wsfarrell,

    Thank you for the feedback. The JPEG quality default setting in the Save As dialog cannot be customized on Mac unfortunately. I agree it would be nice if the default could be customized and I'll review this with the product team.

    As a potential workaround, you could try the following:
    1. Batch > Change Format...
    2. Set format to JPEG and quality to maximum.
    3. Save as a preset.
    4. In the future, you can then run this preset and it will output a JPEG with maximum quality.

    I recognize this is not the same as Save As since you can't specify the destination folder at the time you run the command. As mentioned, I will review this issue with the product team.


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  • wsfarrell
    started a topic Default JPEG Quality -- Photo Studio 6 for Mac

    Default JPEG Quality -- Photo Studio 6 for Mac

    When I do a "save as" from RAW to JPEG, the JPEG quality always defaults to 90% (or so). I bump it up to 100%. I'd like to make 100% the default, but I can't see a way to do this.My searching suggests it's possible on PC versions of the software, but not Mac versions. True?