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  • Importing metadata

    I want to catalogue a folder with many images which have sidecar XMP files provided by another app.
    I previously tried out ACDSee and wasn't sure about switching to it at that time. Now that I am returning to it, it seems not to be importing any new XMP files which I have added in the interim.

    Should I a) delete all the ACDSee info and re-import the whole folder? (And if so, how?)
    or b) is there some way to get ACDSee to update and import the new XMP info?

    I've tried optimising the database and also Rebuilding the thumbnails and metadata but neither seem to help.
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    I have a similar issue: Trying to figure out how to get 6 to recognize embedded keywords in .jpg files. Only thing I found in the manual was instructions on how to import a 'keyword file' (which doesn't seem to exist). I really son't want to re-do keywords for 50K+ images.