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ACDSee for Mac, likes, wishlist, bugs!

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  • ACDSee for Mac, likes, wishlist, bugs!

    I've been using ACDSee for Mac for a few days now. There's a lot of stuff I like.

    Stuff I like
    1. The Develop mode is great! Easy to use and great results.
    2. Auto Advance speeds up managing immensly.
    3. Thumbs and images load very quickly
    4. Movies are visible in the Manage view. A lot of photo management applications don't do this (Corel Aftershot comes to mind) and this is mind boggling to me because modern photo cameras shoot both photos and videos.

    Still, there's stuff that either are missing, or I just don't know how to do. Please correct me if I'm wishing for something that's already in the application.

    1. I want to limit the scope of the Special Items (Image Well etc) and Calender to the selected folder.
    2. I can't duplicate files in Manage mode
    3. I want to see the assets that are in subfolders, like Adobe Bridge's "Show Items from Subfolders"
    4. The Quick Search feature is too hard to use.
    5. More easy to use Quick Search. I wish I could type "typeng created:2020/10/5 rating:2"
    6. Make Saved Searches like Finder's "Smart folders" or's "Smart Album". In other words: Give it an easier to use UI. Typing "("Exif.DateTimeOriginal">="2019:01:01 00:00:00" AND "Exif.DateTimeOriginal"<="2019:12:31 23:59:59") to get images from 2019 is madness.
    7. Filter by file type
    8. I can't see ratings in View mode

    Weird bugs?
    1. In the compare view, with "1 Image" selected, clicking the thumbs at the bottom doesn't change the enlarged view. It only shows the first image in the list.
    2. When running a batch workflow that converts an image into a JPEG, it puts the resulting file at the end of the list, it ignores the Sort method I selected. So, converting a CR2 image to JPEG doesn't put the resulting JPEG next to the CR2 version, but at the end of the list.

    The biggest issue I have with ACDSee
    1. Undo only seems to work in Develop mode. Deleting a file in manage mode can't be undone for instance. This is bad, very bad...