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  • Searching filename content

    I have Photo Studio for Mac 7.1 and I'm new to it, so please be gentle with me...
    I'm trying to search my (70,000+) images by the content of the filename.
    A typical filename would be: 020620-1234. The first six figures are the date in a sortable order. The picture would have been taken on the 20th of June 2002.
    The last four figures (1234) are the actual number the camera gave the image. I don't want the search to include this data.

    The idea is to find images which were taken on a certain day of a certain month - but in any random year.
    For example, I may want an image which contains: 0231- (this would actually mean it was taken on the 31st of February - of an unspecified year).
    The dash, or minus sign after 0231 is to prevent the actual file numbers (after the minus sign) being included.
    I'm hoping the search will bring up all images across many years, which were taken (in this case) on the 31st Feb.
    I've tried searching for *0231- but it's not consistent. Sometimes, it fails to bring up images which I know are definitely there.
    I've also tried leaving off the asterisk and / or leaving off the minus sign. It doesn't seem to make much difference.
    I click on the name of the removable drive which contains the images, and then type my search into the quick search box (in Manage Mode). Presumably that's correct?
    Can you help please?

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    Hi andynick,

    Your search criteria is correct so I don't think that's the issue. Some suggestions:

    1) Open the search options by clicking the magnifying glass. In the dropdown, try these settings:
    - "Exact Matches Only" unchecked
    - "Search Selected Folders Only" unchecked
    - "Database Search" checked

    2) Confirm the 70,000 images are in the ACDSee database. One quick way to do this is to open the Tools > Optimize Database dialog and view the item count for that volume.

    3) Make sure the removable drive has not been "excluded" from the database. Excluded items have a red "do not enter" icon on them.



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      Thank you for your prompt reply, David.
      I followed your instructions and that's helped a lot, but the drive which has most of the images on it, only shows about 7,000 or so in the Optimize Database count.
      How can I include all of the images, please?

      I also have a question about bulk adding keywords, but I guess I should create a new post for that??

      Best wishes, Andy.


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        Hi Andy,

        First, double-check that in the ACDSee preferences Devices tab, the option to "Always exclude removable devices from the database" is unchecked.

        Next, I suggest using the Catalog Folders tool. In the Tools menu, open Catalog Folders and select your removable drive. Keep the option to "Include subfolders" checked.
        I recommend unchecking the option to "Import ACDSee organizing info" as doing so can improve performance. The only time you would need to leave this option checked is if you have previously embedded ACDSee keywords, categories, or tags into your photos and you wish to now retrieve that embedded info. Since cataloging 70,000 images may take some time, this is something you may wish to let run overnight.

        Some additional tips (not necessary, but recommended):
        1) Restart the app just before you catalog folders
        2) After the catalog folders completes, confirm the item count (as mentioned in the previous post), then backup the database

        Regarding your other question, yes, please make another post and I will see it and be happy to help if I can.



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          Thank you again, David.
          I have followed your instructions and cataloging is in progress at the moment.
          It showed that it was processing 209k files though... This suggests the software I used previously had either missed a lot of my pictures, or possibly ACDSee was counting sidecar files the app had produced - or perhaps there are a great many duplicates (the app I used ignores them). I'm sure there aren't that many though. It will be very interesting to see.
          The progress bar shows the process is about 33% done already, and it's been going for about an hour.

          I had begun to add some keywords to the images, but I took your advice and unchecked "Import ACDSee organizing info". Is it possible to retrieve those keywords later?
          There are not enough of them to worry me if I can't, but I thought I'd ask.

          Many thanks for your help. I'm liking the way ACDSee works more and more.


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            Just to update the situation, the catalogue is now completed and the database count is 210,500 items!
            From what I can tell, there are very few items which are not images, and I'm very impressed by the speed of searching etc.
            Thanks again for your help.
            Best wishes, Andy


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              Hi Andy,

              Thank you for the update, glad to hear it worked out.
              Regarding your question about "Import ACDSee organizing info", yes, you can re-run the Catalog Folders at any time on any folder with that option checked to retrieve embedded ACDSee keywords.

              Best regards,


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                That's great - thank you for all your help, David!