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Rename files - find and replace?

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  • Rename files - find and replace?

    Many of my image files have names like: DSC1234, DSC1235, DSC1236 or something similar.
    I'm trying to find out how I can rename batches of these files by removing the DSC and replacing it with my (backwards) dating system (which works very well).
    So I need to replace DSC with 210504- (which would mean 4th May 2021).
    Is this possible with ACDSee, please? I've been grappling with the Batch Rename facility, and I can add the 210504- but cannot find how to remove the DSC...

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    Hi Andy,

    There isn't a find and replace feature, but one alternative is to use the Batch Rename tool to remove all but the last four characters of a filename. To do this, go to Batch Rename > Advanced tab, and use the "Suffix" token. Please see the attached screenshot.

    Note this solution relies on the number portion of all the filenames being the same length, so please be careful.

    Click image for larger version

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      Excellent! That's just what I was hoping for, but I couldn't find how to do it.
      You just need to quickly check the previews of each file, as shown in your picture.
      Thanks again for some great advice, David.