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Too many photos files after cataloging

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  • Too many photos files after cataloging

    I'm new here, from France, using Acdsee PS for Mac 7 (Mac mini 2020, M1, Big Sur), sorry for my english.
    First I used it without catalogs, I was able to get the years labels right ; after that I used "catalog", it took some time but not so much, about 1/2H. The problem is now, when I open Acdsee... then and click on a year label too many files are shown and culling is too hard, same pictures x3 or more (original name, "djlzekj6747eee.jpg", thumbnails etc). I re-tried cataloging with less options, but I still have the same issue.
    What's the way after cataloging to only have displayed the original photos via years labels ?
    Thanks !

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    Hi Gilacdc,

    Thanks for your feedback. Where are these extra images located and how were they created?
    There's no way to just remove certain folders/images that have already been cataloged.
    You mentioned you tried recataloging with less options. If possible to try again, I would suggest unchecking the option to include subfolders, and picking the individual folders you wish to catalog (note you can Cmd+click to select multiple folders at once).



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      Thanks; so I trashed the database and remade catalogs, not at once for my picture folder, but 5 or more folders, including sub-folders, and unchecking acdsee datas.
      Now it works fine, so unchecking subfolders option was not the solution, only acdsee datas have to be off.
      Are you (if you are from Acdsee developer team) working on a new update for Mac (as complete than PC versions ) ?


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        Greetings from a beginner who seriously needs help.:/)

        I have created a huge mess and I think I need to "delete" all the "photos" I "imported or cataloged" and start over.
        Yes I know I put quotes around many words as I might not be using the correct nomenclature.

        1. So is it possible to "wipe" all the pics,? ...My database is so mangled and huge that I was going to uninstall and reinstall the ADCsee software.
        2. Once I get a clean slate, how do I limit the pictures I want to deal with? I would give ANYTHING if I could just import selected photo folders from my wonderful SIMPLE Iphone rather than Everything on my Windows computer and on my Iphone.


        P.S.I would pay for tutoring is that is a thing.

        Thanks for any help, I'm trying to do a lifetime photo book for my 90 year old dad and he may reach 100 before I understand how to do this. I have used all the tutorials, forums, community, etc resources I could find and still can't understand. I researched all the photo management software and ACDsee was said the be the "easiest". Perhaps I'm in over my head, suggestions also welcomed.


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          Hi Hensel,

          I notice you mention you have a Windows computer, but you posted in the Mac forum.
          To confirm, are you using the Windows or Mac version of ACDSee?
          Happy to assist, but please confirm which product you're using.

          Thank you,