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  • Resizing Images

    I loved Photo Studio on Windows. My PC gave up the ghost and I bought a Mac. I downloaded the trial for Photo Studio 7 for Mac and then Photo Studio 8 hoping things had improved.
    On Windows it was so easy to resize a picture. You just clicked Resize (under Geometry) enter a figure for either dimension and the other one would automatically enter the figure for the other dimension.
    It took me ages to figure out how to resize, I eventually found it under the Batch dropdown in the Manage section. You then have to go through several dropdown and even then you need to know both dimensions for the finished size. It doesn't automatically adjust.
    Why is this so difficult when it used to be so easy. I resize a lot of pictures/photographs and this is a pain. It actually stopped me from buying the product.

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    I hear you. It would be so nice if the windows and mac app was the same app, same feature, same usability - but no, unfortunately they are as different as if they were developed by 2 different companies, not 2 different teams within the same company. (it has been a couple of years since I tried the PC version, so I might be wrong).

    I can mention many other apps that are identical whether you are on Windows or Mac, Affinity Photo / Designer for example. If only ACDSee could do the same


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      Resizing in Batch has a Percentage option that shows both width and height. Unfortunately, the other two pixel settings do not show both width and height. I suspect this was a design flaw that made it to the final product because of lack of vigorous beta testing. I run Batch -- not the resize setting -- often and like it.

      I use Photo Studio for Mac as a digital asset manager, for fast searching and for an easy way to add map information to my photos. In addition, from v8 I send photos to external editors like Affinity Photo and Pixelmator Pro.