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  • Can't see NAS

    I'm trying out ACDSee for Mac as an alternative to LR. I can't seem to access my NAS directories. It is not showing in network or local drive.
    Also is there anyway to show all photos including subfolders?

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    Hi crewfull,

    NAS directories should appear in the Shared section of the ACDSee Folders pane on the left provided you've already connected to them (e.g. using Finder). Please be sure to expand the Shared section by clicking the triangle in the header. If you still don't see them, one question: are multiple users logged in to your Mac?

    To show all photos including subfolders:
    1. First, show all the subfolders in the folder tree. To do this, Option+click the triangle to the left of the root folder that you're interested in.
    2. Repeat as necessary depending on how many levels of subfolders you have.
    3. Once they're all shown, select them all. To do this, click the first folder, then Shift+click the last one.



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      I have the same issue. NAS SMB shares are mounted as drives on macOS Monterey. Doesn't show up under Shared, Local, or Removable. You can navigate to them fine in Finder. If I try to open directly from Finder, Right clicking and then choosing to Open in ACDsee, ACDSee loads and the color wheel just spins until I force quit.

      USB drives show up under removable.
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        Hi ironQQQ,

        May I ask two questions:
        1. Are multiple users logged in to your Mac?
        2. Does the issue occur if you open ACDSee first and then mount the share?



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          I spent another hour fooling around and after rebooting the system, mounted shares started showing up. Thanks.