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Poor quality JPEG when resizing

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  • Poor quality JPEG when resizing

    We are testing the ACDSee for Mac and have noticed that the resizing feature generates a subpar image. I A/B a recent ACDSee conversion to a Photoshop conversion.

    I've add these files for review
    • the source file
    • the file resized by ACDSee to 600 wide
    • the file resized by Photoshop to 600 wide
    Notice that the ACDSee version is very soft compared to the Photoshop version. The file size is also much smaller.

    Is there a way to adjust the quality of the conversion?

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    Since this was posted several weeks ago, you may have made your decision. I have not experienced this problem, but I use the Batch feature for both resizing and file conversion.

    From the online manual instructions for batch processing:

    "Adjust the Quality slider to the right for best quality, or to the left for low quality."

    Experiment with different JPG settings in the batch action. Setting up a Batch action is easy, and it automates a task for easy reuse.


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      OldRadioGuy - The quality Slider only appears when Changing Format. It's not there for Resizing.
      I tried changing the .jpg file to .tiff before doing Resize and Change Format as a Batch, hoping to get around the problem, but the resulting image was still soft...