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  • Lightroom to MAC Photo Studio 9

    I just purchased the MAC Photo Studio 9 version of ACDSee. I was/am a Lightroom User but trying to move to ACDSee. I cataloged my folders in ACDSee and my keywords did cross over but it looks like they are shuffled and all mixed up. I am looking for others that have used Lightroom and moved over to ACDSee on the MAC that may have experienced this or at least know what I am talking about. In Lightroom there are only Keywords, so one column with sub categories, etc. But, in ACDSee there are Categories and Keywords. My LR Keywords are in both and I don't have any idea why some went to Categories and some went to Keywords. Do I need to start over and Catalog again or do something different? I really wanted ACDSee to be my DAM with good keywords etc. I am talking about 10-15 years of key wording, so will not start completed over. Thanks to anyone that will help or guide me to the correct person forum, etc.

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    Hi karelowe, would it be possible to provide me with a few sample images that exhibit the issue? I've sent you a private message with more details.



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      Sorry for the delay. I did eventually get my Keywords imported over to ACDSee in the correct order. Big question though. Thursday my EHD crashed. I bought a new one and transfered all files (exactly as the old EHD). Now ACDSee doesn't recognize that EHD. How can I get ACDsee to recognize my files?