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  • NAS not found !

    This is a recurring problem : The NAS folders are perfectly available in finder but do not show up in ACDsee !! I'm unable to browse my pictures !!
    This is very unstable, it sometimes worked but today it just does not
    Appreciated if you could test a bit deeper before delivery....... Not serious !

    macOS: latest s of today 10.13.3 (17D29a)
    ACDSee Photo Studio 4.0.588

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    Hi AALLeeXX,

    Would you be able to tell me what the brand of your NAS is and how it is shared with your NAS (SMB, AFP, etc)? This will help us troubleshoot your issue on our end.
    Also, when the NAS folders are not showing in ACDSee are the folders mounted in the finder? There should be a eject icon beside the folder in Finder.



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      Hello Matt, thanks for the answer.
      The NAS is a Synology DS416Play and file sharings uses SMBFS. AFP is also enabled on the NAS but not used by Finder.
      Then, as I wrote, yes, NAS fodlers are mounted properly in Finder and there I can see the contents without any concern - the eject icon is present.


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        My synology nas shows under Shared, but not much help as when I try to open any photo the app just crashes!
        Anyone have success with a NAS??


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          Hi bauct,

          Thank you for your feedback. Can you please share the Crash report with me?

          How do you mount the NAS folder to your filesystem? Using smb, afp, or something else?

          Thank you,


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            I can access my NAS but the ACDSee crashes on the thumbnail generation ..................