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Crop and crash !

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  • Crop and crash !

    A new one for today, that is anytime I use it

    I open a picture by double clicking a file in finder.
    Then switch to develop mode.
    Then select crop tool in the geometry toolbox.
    I make a selection in my picture.
    Then I move the mouse pointer to find the save or save as menu or just because I have something else to do, insdie and outside the selection...
    Then, surprise !! I get tons of small pop-ups for to saving ! Number of pop-ups and rhythm they are added are so high that I cannot take over control of acdsee and have no other choice than force-killing it...
    It's not systematic, but I can trigger it at least 75% in less than a minute....

    Also, still related to the crop function, the selection of the area is pretty buggy: Once an area is selected, modifying it is almost impossible. When I take a corner or an edge, the selection is lost and a new one appears. When I pan the selection, it also often looses the selection....

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    Hi AALLeeXX,

    Thank you for your report. The pop-up issue you describe is known and will be fixed in the next update.

    For now, the workaround is to enable Auto-Save (via Preferences > Develop).