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Batch resizing seems to be much too complex

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  • Batch resizing seems to be much too complex

    I do frequent cropping of birds and when I try to resize those images I run into the relatively confusing choices in the resizing batch dialog box. There are several things that either do not seem to make sense to me or could be greatly simplified.

    1. There are entry boxes for both Width and Height, and a check box for keeping the original ratio. Those controls are essentially inconsistent if the user checks the checkbox and enters values that are not in line with the original aspect ration. I would suggest that if the checkbox is checked there should only be one entry box for either the height or width. Better yet, ACDSee developers should use the Longest Side or Shortest Side rather than height or width as that would simplify the entries.

    2. I have no idea what the Fit Within dropdown box is supposed to control, nor when its setting is important. If Height and Width are set, and the aspect ratio checkbox is checked (which converts this control to enabled), what other value needs to be entered for the image to be resized? What does Fit Within even do?

    3. If the user has a set of images that have been cropped and wishes to resize them all, and if some of those images are portrait and some landscape, then he or she has to run resize twice with the current settings since the dialog requires Height and Width entries, once for the portrait and once for the landscape photos. If that was replaced with Long Side or Short Side all of the photos could be resized during the same batch sequence.