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Move or copy large folders shuts the app down again

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  • Move or copy large folders shuts the app down again

    Pay attention folks. Is anyone listening?
    Moving or copying images and folders inside the app (one of the key features) shuts the app down. As much work as has been done on this app, there is still a big issue here.
    I'm talking large folders or large numbers of image. Batches of 10K to 50K or more images being moved or copied. The process goes part way through then stops requiring a force quit.
    Could anyone please verify this issue to make sure it's not a glitch on my system. Shades of Version 3.
    OS 10.13.4 build 17E170c

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    Hi LeChiffre,

    Thank you for your feedback. We are currently investigating this issue. May I ask some questions:

    1) Can you describe exactly what happens in your experience? Does the app crash, or does it become non-responsive? If it crashes, could you please provide the crash report?
    2) Are you selecting 10K-50K images and moving/copying those? Or are you selecting a folder that contains those images and moving/copying that?
    3) What are your exact steps to copy/move? For example, do you drag-and-drop? If so, from where to where (e.g. the folders pane on the left, or the file list in the middle, etc)? Or do you use the copy/cut/paste commands?
    4) Where are the images located? Local volume, removable drive, shared drive?
    5) Where are you moving/copying the images to? Local volume, removable drive, shared drive?

    Best regards,


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      Thanks David
      1) The app becomes non-responsive requiring a force-quit.
      2)Selecting 10K-50K images or folder? Tried both - the results are the same
      3)Drag/Drop/copy? I tried both, the results are the same
      4-5) move and copy were to removable drive; sometimes the same removable drive, sometimes different removable drive. Files are too big for storing on iMac drive.
      iMac has 32G memory
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        Hi LeChiffre,

        Thanks for this information.
        We are currently investigating and this information help us.

        Best regards,


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          Versions 1,2, 3 had this problem with simply working with big folders, that seems to have been corrected with a new build V4 but the move/copy and the duplicate finder still have catastrophic issues with big folders so not all is well yet.