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Application crash when parsing SMB share with >6500 items (version 4.2.744)

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  • Application crash when parsing SMB share with >6500 items (version 4.2.744)

    Hi there Team,

    Bug report relating to a registered copy of version 4.2 (744). When parsing a given directory of >6500 images and videos the application crashes.

    - The folder in question is located on a Synology DiskStation device and accessed over SMB v2/v3 with ADDS authentication
    - Directory content is 33.77GB in 6510 items
    - MacBookPro11,3 with 16GB and MacOS 13.4 without Security Update 2018-001
    - Target directory is located by clicking on the mounted share in the "Shared" list, expanding nodes and finally clicking on target
    - Application initially freezes for a period of minutes while parsing the directory without displaying anything in the main application area, before eventually crashing
    - Crash is reproducable on every attempt, including following restart
    - While I cannot confirm all files are integral, I can confirm the file system data is so (could there be a corrupt file causing an application crash?)

    A sample of the Problem Report content has been saved should it be useful.