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License lost every update

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  • License lost every update


    Is it intentional the licence is lost every time we update ACDSee ?? Would appreciate that once registered it keeps registered even after an update...

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    Hello AALLeeXX,

    Sorry for the inconvenience this has caused. Please click Help | Enter license code to re-license the program

    If the issue remains, please send a support ticket so we can look into your registration information to understand the issue in more details. Here is the link to the support form:

    ACD Customer Care


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      Hi James,

      Thank you for the reply.
      The point is not how to enter the licence key, I know how to do that. The point is : that key is not preserved when the SW is updated, thus after such an update, we are prompted to enter the key again... It already happened 3 times since I bought ACDSee... Does not look serious nor professional... and annoying.

      So please update a support form yourself, I cannot spend my time reporting this tools bugs :/ I already declared another one here recently and still no feedback in spite of a previous commitment.

      But definitively this SW is not mature - any equivalent even free on Windows works much better