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Crash again...even before we see it !

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  • Crash again...even before we see it !

    As a beta tester I need to be rewarded or refunded ! I test this soft for you !!!! Do you test this tool ?
    Sorry, but again I'm upset , because, again, I cannot use this program ! I just wanted to see my pictures...

    Use case : double click on a picture in finder, just see the crashing report, ACDSee does not show up, it crashes before ...
    Context : Pictures on a NAS, perfectly visible with finder or any other program, hierarchy of pictures, something like 80 folders with subfolders... total 330 GB for 76K pictures, 1400 folders in total...
    Is it that exceptional ? Can't the DB support these amounts ?

    EDIT - in case someone read it ..... ACDSee is unable to start ! Any escape solution for this nightmare ?
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    Well, support for Mac is quite low...
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      Another example of problems with large collections. It may never end the way this is going.


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        Agree... they test with 3 pics on a device and are happy when it works then switch to next feature ...
        Disappointed, I deeply regret I spent my money here for that soft that even does not start any more ! There is even no recovery provided either here in the forums or at the startup of the tool - no, not tool, draft program at best !
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          It takes very special program skills to deal with large databases. You can't just throw a general programmer at it. I don't think ACD has ever had one in house that can work with Apple OS. The Win versions works ok, still not stellar but ok. Apple Photos runs circles around them all. I have over 100K pictures on Photos and it's lightning fast. Can't tell whether you have 2 pictures or 10K you're working with. But I just hate the squirrely folder structure Apple came up with. It's mind numbing but it works and you just have to refrain from throwing your coffee mug at the screen. I would love to work with the ACD structure but it doesn't work with large files.