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Copying files to new SSD

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  • Copying files to new SSD

    Copied 5 folders to a new SSD. SSD is formated as Mac OS Extended (Journaled). Files copied with no problem.
    Tried to catalog folders to verify Metadata transfered over:
    Click tools
    Click catalog folders
    Click on drive to be cataloged
    Highlight folders or folder to be cataloged. Same problem either way.
    Top of screen shows cataloging folders blue line left to right.
    Top of screen then shows cataloging (number of items) blue line extends left to right.
    Everything just stays there and nothing happens and after several minutes I have to force quit.
    This does not happen with a regular hard drive only with a SSD.

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    Deleted program from disk, reloaded and had to catalog all folders (PIA). Now it seems to be working.