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  • Initial startup slow

    On my system (iMac 27-inch 2017, 4.2 Ghz Intel Core i7, 32 GB 2400 MHz DDR, Radeon Pro 580 8192 MB), startup is very slow after the iMac is rebooted. It takes between 1 and 2 minutes to bring up the workspace. As long as the computer is not rebooted again, the restart of ACDSee Photo Studio for Mac is lightening fast. IMHO the engineers should devote some attention to reducing this sluggish performance on an initial startup.

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    Agree to that


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      Me too I would have thought that once the pictures have been opened and icons created, the start-up would be much faster. But it is not.


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        Hi OldRadioGuy,

        You mention ACDSee is slow to launch after rebooting your Mac, but subsequent launches are fast. Some questions:

        1. How soon after rebooting the Mac do you launch ACDSee?
        2. Is ACDSee set to launch automatically, or are you manually launching it?
        3. When you launch ACDSee, are other processes (foreground or background) consuming CPU cycles (Activity Monitor shows this)?
        4. Roughly how many images are in your Database? in your Image Basket? in the default start folder?
        5. Where is your default start folder? Local volume, or a different volume (e.g. removable or shared volume)?



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          When it comes to speed I compare everyone to the current Apple Photos. No matter how many images there are, it's lightning speed no matter what. It never even blinks. So far I have not found a single app that compares to that performance.
          I've been an ACD fan for over 7 years but will stick with Apple Photos for my work until this app grows up. It may take a while and I've lost too much time and money fooling with it. There is work to do.


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            Thank you all for your comments and feedback.
            Our development team has investigated this issue and confirmed OldRadioGuy's findings.
            We are making significant improvements to the initial startup time and this improvement is scheduled to be included in our next update (release date TBD).

            Best regards,