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File copy function inconsistent

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  • File copy function inconsistent

    On my iMac 27" using Mojave, I am building a slide show. When I Option/click and drag files from one folder to a new folder, sometimes it works, and sometimes the green copy icon appears, but the file is simply transferred, and I have to copy it from the new location and paste it back into the original folder.

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    Hi Bruce,

    When dragging files across two different volumes, ACDSee will perform a Copy operation. When dragging files from folder to folder on the same volume, then ACDSee will perform a Move operation. So for example, if you drag from an external USB drive to your local Volume, or your local Volume to a shared volume, the original will remain in place. But if you drag from your local Downloads folder to your local Pictures folder, the original will move to the new location. ‚Äč

    However, holding the Option key while releasing the mouse will result in a Copy operation.

    I notice a GUI issue where the green copy icon is added to the cursor even when not holding Option key while dragging within the same Volume, which I will review with the product team since its inconsistent with Finder and thus potentially confusing.

    Hope this helps,