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Batch resize only permits entry of one digit

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  • Batch resize only permits entry of one digit

    I have tried to use the "batch resize/by actual or print size" function and it does not allow me to enter more than one digit for each dimension, and only before the decimal point. Is there some obvious solution to this? iMac, OS 10.14.3.

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    Hi Bruce,

    Thank you for this report. I confirm your findings and I apologize for this bug. This issue has been logged in our internal bug tracking system and I've reviewed with the product team.
    We are currently aiming to fix this in our next release.

    Best regards,


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      Great - I look forward to a fix. I am hoping ACDSee will help me replace the dying Aperture, which has a good selection of resolutions and image size ranges within its resize function:
      File/Export/Export preset/Edit.


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        Bruce (et al). I am also crossing my fingers that ACDSee will eventually be able to replace the (unfortunately) dying Aperture. Each time Apple brings out an update to their Mac OS I hold my breath and am truly worried that Aperture will all of a sudden no longer work.

        David, do you have an idea how many people are having the same thought? If there are lot's it might be an idea to capture all the "missing Aperture features" in a separate "Bug / Feature" String. And once the list is really small, ACDSee might be able to use this as part of the marketing for ACDSee Photo Studio for Mac. .... just an idea.


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          All 32 bit apps will eventually stop working on the Mac OS, probably in the next 18 months or so. The current OS is already sending warnings to that effect when opening a 32 bit app. Perhaps we could run an older OS concurrently with the latest.