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Weird behaviour in Manage/Organize/Image Attributes

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  • Weird behaviour in Manage/Organize/Image Attributes

    When viewing raw files (from one Canon and two Nikon cameras) in Manage mode, when I go to "Image Attributes", the pixel dimensions are displayed correctly, but the image size in inches is huge. This seems to be calculated on a resolution of 72 ppi. This resolution only sometimes appears as a separate line, "pixels per inch 72 ppi" but not consistently for any image. Sometimes it's there, sometimes not, with any given image.As I click from image to image, sometimes it appears, sometimes not, but the image size in inches is always (For Nikon D810 files, e.g.) 102.22 x 68.22 inches, Image dimensions 7360 x 4912 pixels, 38.3 MB. Other photo software recognizes the image resolution as 300 ppi (Nikon NEF) or 180 ppi (Canon CR2.) I can send screen shots if it helps. iMac, 10.14.3.

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    For the record, this is still happening. Most recently, some but not all Canon CR2 files from the same download have a line in Image Attributes indicating "Pixels Per Inch 72 PPI". I checked one NEF file downloaded a while ago, and the NEF file does not have the PPI line, but a jpeg produced from that file has a line indicating "300 PPI". Very inconsistent.


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      Hi Bruce,

      Thank you for the update, and I confirm your findings. This issue has been logged in our internal bug tracking system and I'll follow up with the product team.