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HEADS UP: Apple MacOS Catalina - Beta makes ACDSee Photo Studio 5 for Mac unusable!!

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  • HEADS UP: Apple MacOS Catalina - Beta makes ACDSee Photo Studio 5 for Mac unusable!!

    I have worked with Apple in the past testing their new BETA versions of their MacOS and other apps. I just installed MacOS Catalina - Beta and one of the first major issues I noticed was that Aperture no longer works with this new Operating System. But WORSE, ACDSee Photo Studio 5 for Mac does not work with it either. I just reported this to Apple (using the "back-door" I can use to reach their developers). But of course, we do not know how long it will take them to fix the major issue, which is:

    When you open a picture in ACDSee Photo Studio 5 for Mac and apply some minor modifications, and then try to move to the next picture in the same folder, ACDSee Photo Studio 5 for Mac crashes.

    ...just wanted to warn you all.

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    I did a lot more testing on this and believe it is ACDSee Photo Studio 5 for Mac which is not compatible with Apple MacOS Catalina and needs to be fixed urgently, not the other way 'round. The reasons for my believe are:
    • Every application I have on my MacAir works fine under Apple MacOS Catalina, except for an older version of "TechSmith Snagit" which shows some quirky behaviour, Aperture which Apple mentions as "non-compatible with the new OS, and ACDSee Photo Studio 5 for Mac, which simply crashes when ever I apply any kind of adjustment to a picture and then try to move on to another picture or simply save the adjustment.
    • I tried a bunch of photo related applications such as an old Photoshop Elements, PhotoSweeper (duplicate finder), Snapheal CK, etc. and all of these work fine under MacOS Catalina.
    I do hope the ACDSee Development Team can figure out what the issue is, and create a fix as soon as possible. As I mentioned at the beginning of this post, it is bad news that Aperture no longer works (we knew this was coming) and just at this point in time ACDSee Photo Studio 5 for Mac lets us down


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      Here we go again...ACD not compatible with new OS. When will this stop..?
      No 32 Bit app will work with Catalina but isn't Studio 5 a 64 bit app? And then there may be other reasons ....who knows..apparently not ACD.


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        Can anyone among the ACDSee team tell me what ACDSee is planning to do about this? Now that some of us have to move completely away from Aperture, it would be nice to know whether ACDSee Photo Studio 5 for Mac is indeed an alternative. I hate to move my thousands of pictures to Photo Studio 5 only to find out that it will not work under the new MacOS.


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          Sorry for the delayed reply, I just returned from a vacation.

          ACD Systems is committed to supporting ACDSee Mac on a released version of macOS.
          The product team has been testing ACDSee Mac 5 on 10.15 Betas. We've identified several problems and development is now investigating those issues.

          macOS Catalina (10.15) is currently in Beta and ACD does not guarantee how ACDSee will run/operate on a Beta. From experience, some problems found in ACDSee Mac on a macOS Beta get fixed in a subsequent Beta release from Apple.



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            Hi Mark,
            thanks for the response. I realize that a BETA is just that and it usually entails "no guarantee of perfectly working"... My concern is more about the future and the day when MacOS Catalina becomes the real thing. As you can see, my very initial message to this post was to mostly make the development team aware of the problems. But of course, since I do run the BETA to help Apple find bugs, it would be nice if I could still use ACDSee for Mac as it is becoming my primary Photo organizer, editor, etc.

            Thanks for all the help you and your team can provide.


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              Hello Mark,
              you will be happy to know that Apple came out with a new, full release of macOS Catalina. This version they call 10.15 Beta (19A512f). And it no longer crashes ACDSee Photo Studio 5 for Mac. I will do some more testing to see if there are still some bugs and report them both to Apple (at least the major ones) and to ACDSee on this forum.

              Just cross your fingers and we may have an Aperture replacement yet.


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                ACDSee Photo Studio 5 for Mac is crashing again .... at least when I use the "White Balance" edit on a picture and then try to save it.