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Locating pictures has issues.

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  • Locating pictures has issues.

    Today I opened ACDSee on my MacAir running MacOS Catalina and found to my positive surprise that the app is working (i.e. not crashing). However, I did find some "irregularities" and was wondering if they really are bugs, or if I don't understand how ACDSee works in this situation.

    Here are the steps i took, and the results I saw:
    • My primary library for ACDSee is located on a remote disk which is currently not attached to any of my active computers.
    • When I opened ACDSee on my MacAir I noticed a bunch of Categories in the "Organize" sub-window on the right of the screen.
    • When I clicked on any of the Categories, or sub-Categories a bunch of my pictures showed up in the main/center window. I thought this is interesting, as none of these pictures are actually anywhere on my MacAir.
    • So I tried to "right-click" on some of the pictures to get the sub-menu and then clicked on the "Show in Finder" menu item. But absolutely nothing happened.
    • Next I tried to click on the "Reveal in Folder Tree" menu item. But again, absolutely nothing happened.
    The above steps can be seen in my screen video to be found here

    I realize that it would be amazing if the pictures could be pointed to even though they do not exist on the computer I am using. But I would have expected either a pointer to a "not attached at the moment" hard drive with an appropriate message, or an error message telling me that the picture is not available. In fact, when I point to one of the pictures and move to the "Develop" window I get an error message which is entitled "Offline Volumes" and tells me "Some items are located on unmounted volumes. To make them available please insert the following:" This message window includes the Device name, Vendor, Model, even Capacity and serial number.

    So the capability is obviously there, but the Manage window sub-menus do not make use of it.

    Hope this makes sense.

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    Hi Tahunga,

    Thank you for the feedback.

    I understand your point and I agree with you. When trying to reveal an item that is "offline" (i.e. located on a removable drive that is not currently connected), it would be more clear if the app provided feedback. As you mention, other actions (e.g. trying to switch mode) do provide feedback as expected.

    This issue has been logged in our internal bug tracking system and I will review this with the product team.



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      Hi David,

      I am currently on the road in the middle of no-where (i.e. Canadian National Rocky Mountain Parks), and wifi only happens about once every two week. With that in mind, I should be back home in about 3 to 4 weeks and will respond to all the questions at that time.

      By the way, I also am having serious problems with ACDSee on my MacAir (running MacOS Catalina BETA) which is really a pain, as I am on a trip with lots of picture taking..... Once I am back home I will start some serious testing again and will post all my results.
      Sorry for the delay,