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  • Unexpected results in search

    I believe I have found a number of bugs in the "Search and Display" functionality of the latest ACDSee Photo Studio 5 for Mac, Version 5.3.1401

    Here is NUMBER ONE:
    As you can see in the following screen video

    ..... I have some pictures in a folder called "Trip to Rockies - Aug2019". As you can further see some of these pictures have a keyword called "Calendar-2020". However, when I select the folder "Trip to Rockies - Aug2019" and slide the keyword "Calendar-2020" to the Quick Search field, ACDSee finds not a single picture although its search criteria is shown in the top line as [Folder: Trip to Rockies - Aug2019] and [Search: "keyword":"Calendar-2020"] which is exactly what it should be. How come it can't find any of the pictures with the correct keyword in the selected folder?

    Note: Each of the pictures with the keyword "Calendar-2020" are also in a Category "Calendar 2020". But when I select the folder "Trip to Rockies - Aug2019" and slide the category "Calendar 2020" to the Quick Search field, ACDSee again finds not a single picture although its search criteria is shown in the top line as [Folder: Trip to Rockies - Aug2019] and [Search: "category":"Calendar 2020"].

    Here is NUMBER TWO:
    When I select one folder in the Folder Pane (in my case "Trip to Rockies - Aug2019") the app finds 106 pictures, 4 of which show a Category Icon. When I highlight these pictures the Organize Pane shows that these pictures are part of the "Calendar 2020" category (which is correct).

    Next when I highlight the "Calendar 2020" category in the Organize Pane the app uses a search of [Folder: All Files] and [1 Category: Calendar 2020] and finds 80 pictures. In that resulting window one can see that all 80 display a Category Icon. In fact, the 80 pictures include the four pictures shown on the previous screen shot. i.e. the four which showed the Category Icon.

    Now when I click on the "Trip to Rockies - Aug2019" folder the result is identical in the number of pictures (i.e. 80) but the pictures are presented in a completely different sequence.

    And finally, as shown in the following screen video, when I click on the "Trip to Rockies - Aug2019" folder, ACDSee again shows 106 pictures with only four showing a Category Icon. Then when I select the FILTER>Categories>Calendar 2020 I am presented with ONLY 4 pictures!! And yet, when I select the Calendar 2020 category in the category pane on the right, I am presented with 80 pictures.

    If these are not bugs but "operator errors" or lack of understanding how ACDSee works, then I would appreciate any clarification as to how I can search for pictures in one folder with certain keywords. Because of the large number of pictures which I have in my library it is much nicer if I can limit the search criteria.


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    Hi Tahunga,

    Thank you for the feedback.

    Regarding the first issue, please confirm what search options you're using. The search options are visible in the dropdown menu that appears when you click the magnifying glass icon in the Quick Search bar. If possible, please show a screenshot of the options.

    Regarding the second issue, what Sort method is enabled? Are the Sort methods different? If you Refresh (cmd+R), does the Sort order change?

    Regarding the third issue, I believe the behaviour you're describing is correct.
    In the first case, in the Folders pane (left area), you selected a folder. Then, in the File List (middle area), you filtered the contents of that folder to only show the items that had the "Calendar 2020" category.
    In the second case, in the Organize pane (right area), you selected the category "Calendar 2020". This returns all the items in your database that have that category (it's not limited to certain folders).

    To search for pictures in one specific folder, I recommend enabling the "Search Selected Folders Only" option in the Search options (which are accessible by clicking the magnifying glass icon in the Quick Search bar).

    Hope this helps.



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      Hi David,

      Just noticed that my response, which I wrote yesterday, never made it into the post. So here it goes once more "with feeling"

      Issue One:
      As you can see in the first screen shot, the search option in the Quick Search field is "keyword";"Calendar-2020". The pull-down window shows 5 recent search criterion, including "category":"Calendar 2020" (NOT Keyword Calendar-2020 !!!). And the top line shows the search as [Folder: Trip to Rockies - Aug2019] and [Search: "keyword":"Calendar-2020"]

      As I was wondering if the "recent searches might confuse the search I used the "Clear Recent" option. Then I did a second search .... but still was not shown any pictures.

      Issue Two:
      The sort pull-down window shows that I am using a "Custom Sort". That makes sense as I am moving similar pictures together so that I can see them "side-by-side". When I then click on the "Calendar 2020" Category in the Organize pane, the sort pull-down window shows the "Custom Sort" as the only greyed-out option. All others seem to be selectable. And if I use the Refresh function, nothing changes.

      Issue Three:
      I am not sure this one is "as it should be". Remember, when I simply select the "Calendar 2020" Category in the Organize pane on the right I am presented with 80 pictures, all of which have a blue icon, showing that they have a category associated with them. So in one case I am given 4 pictures with the "Calendar 2020" Category and in the other I am given 80 pictures with the "Calendar 2020" Category.

      Today I did some more testing in this same area. Here is what I did, and the results I got:
      • I have a bunch of pictures of mushrooms which can be found in a few different folders,
      • Many of them have a keyword "Mushroom".

      So I clicked on the keyword "Mushroom" row in the Organize pane: Result = 154 items among all files

      As most of these mushroom pictures are taken by my wife, I highlighted the folder "KC pix" and moved the keyword "Mushroom" to the Quick Search field: Result = 16 items in folder KC Pix and search keyword "Mushroom"

      I then selected "Pix Library" in the folder pane (that's the library which contains practically all my pictures) and the Quick Search "keyword Mushroom". Since the folder "KC pix" is part of the "Pix Library" I would expect at least as many items. However: Result of this search = 59 items

      In the last search I did not select any folder or Library. Simply dragged and dropped the keyword "Mushrooms" into the Quick Search field: Result = 154 items.

      .....I still find these varying results rather peculiar.

      Hope this makes all sense.



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        Again, I did some additional testing to find out how to use keywords in a quick search. I still can not get the results I expect. Can anybody tell me why not?

        Today I went to a folder which contains pictures which were taken by my wife (KC). Each of the 125 pictures in that folder has the keyword KC-Pix. The first screen image shows how I highlighted one of these pictures and therefore can see the keyword.

        Next I dragged and dropped that keyword into the Quick Search field ....... and found absolutely no pictures. Why not?


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          Hi Tahunga,

          Please tell me what Search options you're using:

          Is Case Sensitive on or off?
          Is Exact Matches Only on or off?
          Is Search Selected Folders Only on or off?
          Have you enabled Database Search or Spotlight Search?

          Search results will be different based on search options used.

          Note the "Search Selected Folders Only" option does not include subfolders of selected folders. You can select multiple folders by holding the Command key on the keyboard when clicking the folder.



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            Hi David,

            Here are my Search Options:
            • Case Sensitive is OFF
            • Exact Matches is OFF
            • Search selected Folders is ON
            • Spotlight Search is ENABLED
            By the way: One of my continuing challenges is that the Help Text for ACDSee is mediocre at best. If I read the help text related to Searching I understand the basics. But that's about it. For example: I think I understand what "Exact Matches is ON" means. But what does it mean when "Exact Matches are OFF". In plain English that would mean "don't hold me to my words. I don't mean them ..."

            Maybe I can help improve the Help Text for version 6 once it is released. I would start with asking the questions and of course by testing reasults .... just a thought.



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              Hi Tahunga,

              With Spotlight Search enabled, ACDSee searches the Spotlight database.
              I believe this is the reason for the unexpected results. The ACDSee Keywords are only in the ACDSee database, therefore won't be found when doing a Spotlight Search.

              If you instead enable Database Search and search for "keyword";"Calendar-2020", you should see the items in your ACDSee database that have the ACDSee keyword "Calendar-2020" assigned.



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                Hi David (welcome back ),

                I now start to understand many of the issues I had with the searches. However, I still don't know:
                1. What it means when "Exact Matches are OFF". And
                2. What the Spotlight search can be used for. According to the Help Text the Spotlight Search "Searches the Spotlight database for files on your computer. When enabled, your search will not include results from the ACDSee database, unless your files happen to be in both the Spotlight and ACDSee database." But:
                  1. How do files get into the Spotlight database? By adding comments into the Spotlight comment field?
                  2. And if point one is correct, do files with Spotlight comments automatically go into both databases?
                BTW, I am now in contact with Adrienne regarding the Help Text. Hopefully she can use my feedback.