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  • More Filter issues

    This time I used ACDSee Photo Studio on my macOS Catalina running MacBook Air to see if the results would be different from those on my iMac running MacOS Sierra.

    Here is what I found:Bottom Line: Either I am not using the Filter correctly, or it indeed gives invalid results and is a bug. Can anyone tell me which it is?

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    Hi Tahunga,

    In Finder, if you go to the "Test Pix" folder, does it contain those two unrated images?
    In ACDSee, if you double-click one of those unrated images, what happens?



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      Hi David,
      Just so I don't confuse the issue: I run ACDSee on two Macs. One is an older but large iMac (lots of memory, disk, and Quad-CPU) running macOS High Sierra version 10.13.6. The other is a macBookAir running the latest macOS Catalina version 10.15.1 I am telling you this so you can easier understand which bugs I find on which computer.

      This particular issue comes from the macBook Air (Catalina):
      • When I go to the Finder I can see the 20 pictures and the two subfolders in the folder called "Test Pix". The two unrated images are not in that folder.
      • I looked for the two unrated images in the Finder and found them in the folder called "Screensaver" which is just above the "Test Pix" folder.
      • When I find the two pictures using the Quick Search as described in my post above, and then double click on one of the two, I get the following error message
      • BTW, when I go to the pictures in question (in the "Screensaver" folder) using ACDSee and double click on one I am presented with the "View" window of that picture.
      Hope this helps.



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        After installing ACDSee Photo Studio for Mac Version 6, I noticed that this bug no longer exists in this latest version. Fixed and fast.......