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Filters provide wrong results.

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  • Filters provide wrong results.

    I tried to use the Filter but found it gives wrong results. Here is what I did:

    I have a folder containing a total of 126 pictures. All of these pictures are rated with a rating of between 1 and 4.
    As my screen images show, the results of the Filter are as follows:As I said, the filter does not seem to provide correct results.

    I further checked the results when using a Folder combined with the Quick Search field. The results are wrong as well. The folder I used for this test contains 251 pictures. 126 of these are Rated. But as can be seen in the screen image, looking for the selected folder combined with the Quick Search for "Unrated" results in "No Items".

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    After installing ACDSee Photo Studio for Mac Version 6, I noticed that this bug no longer exists in this latest version. It was probably all caused because it took a lot longer to scan and organize pictures in the previous version.