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Sorting Pix using column headings does not seem to work

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  • Sorting Pix using column headings does not seem to work

    This one is simple to show: I am in Manage mode using the "List" display mode and click on one of the columns. As I understand it, that should sort the pictures based on the value in that specific column. But as can clearly be seen in the attached image, the pictures are not sorted that way. The column I use is the "Date Time Original", but
    • the first few pictures have no such date,
    • the next two pictures have a date of Aug. 20,
    • followed by three pictures without a "Date Time Original" date,
    • next comes a picture with a date of Sep. 11,
    • the next long list of pix have no "Date Time Original" date
    • and then come a bunch of pictures from Aug. 20 again
    .....In my opinion this is not very useful.

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    Hi Tahunga,

    When you sorted by date, were all images in the folder scanned (i.e. were all thumbnails visible and had the scanning indicator in the bottom-right corner reached 100% and disappeared)?
    If you Refresh, are they sorted correctly?



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      Hi David,
      Yes, I thought all images in the folder were scanned. They all did show the correct thumbnails. However, I did not pay attention to the indicator in the bottom right corner. The thing you call the scanning indicator. I did try both the Refresh and the Refresh Folders Pane, and at the time of my tests nothing happened. But now that a few days have gone by, and I have given the computer some time to scan the library some more, all seems to be correct.
      Bottom Line: I guess the combination of having a HUGE number of pictures in the library, and an older iMac, may have caused the problem. Reading your questions made me realize that it may have all been caused by a lack of having the complete library scanned 100% after all. I have a tendency to "be faster than my computers" and can't wait for results to appear. In fact, I started to answer your questions yesterday and was looking once more to make sure the sort was still not correct. But yesterday I noticed that in my folder which I used to tell you about the "problem" and which contains some 700 pictures, only one picture was out of order. So I figured I still had a case to report. But today, even that one picture is now in its proper place. So I guess I just have to allow more time for ACDSee to scan the library. that you have answered all my other posts I will see if some are still valid, or if all of them have to do with my impatience.

      Thanks for your help,



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        After installing ACDSee Photo Studio for Mac Version 6, I noticed that this bug still exists in this latest version. Version 6 seems to be much faster in many ways. Even sorting the pictures is much faster. However, I did find two cases where the sorting does not work.

        Here are a couple of screenshots of sorting errors:
        1. In this situation I sorted the pictures using the "Date Time Original" column. The column shows (after sorting) that the first two pictures in the screen shot are dated 2015-09-24. The next picture shows a date of 2015-09-25. Then comes another picture with a date of 2015-09-24 which is out of sequence. And the following pictures are all dated 2015-09-25.
        2. This next screen shot shows one picture out of sequence in terms of the time (not the date).
        I tried many different ways to change the date and time of the pictures in error, but could not get them to align in the proper sequence.
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          Hi Tahunga,

          Thank you for the update. Some questions:

          1) How did you create IMG_0452.png and IMG_0476.png?
          2) If you created those PNGs from source images using ACDSee, were the sources images developed?
          3) Are those PNGs Developed?
          4) Did you modify the EXIF Date manually?



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            Hi David,
            1. IMG_0452 was created on an IOS device (can't remember if it was on my iPad mini or my iPod Touch). IMG_0476.png was created on my iPad mini.
              1. IMG_0452 is a "screen shot" from an app, which I then downloaded to my MacBook Air before I moved it into ACDSee (Version 5). I then manually modified the EXIF Date. One interesting point: After I posted the above bug report I took all pictures with the date 2015-09-25 and moved them in a new Folder as they all came from a day trip we took. The picture IMG_0452 which was not in the right sequence before I moved it, is now properly sequenced in the new folder. Even when I change the column sequence the picture does move into the correct position.
              2. IMG_0476.png is a "screen shot" from a map app, which I then downloaded to my MacBook Air before I moved it into ACDSee (Version 5). I then manually modified the EXIF Date.
            2. The pictures coming from either of the two IOS devices are imported as .PNG
            Actually .... even the IMG_0476.png picture, which is still in the same folder as when I first reported the issue, is now in the proper sequence. So it looks like the problem may be fixed in Version 6.