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  • Strange behaviour

    As can be seen in the attached screen shot of the Finder window, I have a series of pictures which are all called "2019-09-11-Illecillewaet Campground" followed by the specific number of the image. In this case please note the numbers 141, 143, 145, and 147.

    When I look at these specific pictures in ACDSee Photo Studio for Mac I can clearly see them as they are shown in the Finder

    Pictures #145 and #147 have the same keyword. When I click on that keyword in the "Organize" window on the right, I am presented with all pictures in my library which have that same keyword. So far so good. However, now comes the magic: As can be seen from the screen shot, picture #145 is now #146, and picture #147 is now #148
    .....using the Finder I notice that the two pictures still have their original numbers. So why are the numbers changed in ACDSee?

    Pretty strange isn't it?

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    As a user of the windows version of AC I'd guess that with title bar "Rockies-Pix-2019 - ACDSee Library" shows the content of a folder. with title bar "[Folder: All Files] and [1Keyword:Calendar-2020] - ACDSee Library" shows a search result (files found in the db).
    However, folder content and db content do not necessarily match, possibly because you've renamed files in the finder. Trying to open "...-142.jpg", "...-146.jpg" or "...-148.jpg" might give a "File not found". If so, the three files shown with the search results are orphaned and the renamed files "..-143.jpg", "..-145.jpg" and "...-147.jpg" aren't catalogued yet.


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      Emil et al ....... After installing ACDSee Photo Studio for Mac Version 6, I noticed that this bug no longer seems to exist in this latest version. So all is well that ends well.